6 Reasons why Patterson is ready for some new Franchise Businesses

Are you one of the folks that Facebook voted for an In-N-out Burger in Patterson?  

Just so you know there are certain population numbers that trigger interest from the most popular and successful franchises like In-N-Out.  Here is a list of 6 things that are helping Patterson grow closer to that special number;



The Modesto Bee recently published a story describing the Northwest Annexation of the City of Patterson.   This Annexation claims to provide a population increase of 15,000 residents to Patterson.

Here is the story from the Modesto Bee

The city is now pushing a 1,200-acre northwest annexation to include thousands of homes, in addition to land for another 7 million square feet of industrial space. The proposed development is capable of creating hundreds of jobs and adding 15,000 residents to this city of 22,700.

The city will prepare environmental studies on what’s called the northwest annexation, or the Zacharias master plan, situated on both sides of Baldwin Road, between Zacharias Road and the northern city limits. The sprawling area stretches from Rogers Road, on the west, to Ward Avenue and Highway 33, on the east; completing the environmental impact report should take eight months to a year.

Read more here: https://www.modbee.com/news/article223840140.html#storylink=cpy

2.     HIGHWAY 5 (Interstate 5)

Traffic Study

Highway 5 provides a constant flow of visitors to Patterson.  Some are seeking rest and fuel while others are Truckers that need a spot close enough to the Bay Area to stop and do their mandatory rest before a scheduled bay area delivery.

Patterson is the first City on Highway 5 coming from Los Angeles County.  Drivers traveling to and from LA to San Francisco will most likely drive thru Patterson.  Patterson is “On the Way” to the many travelers of Highway 5 and Patterson is on its way to becoming a tourist destination for them a with multiple new hotels planned.   

The Bay Area expansion into the Central Valley is thriving in Tracy and Patterson is next!


3.     Crows Landing Naval Airforce Base Development

crows 1

It has been many years since Stanislaus County obtained the old Naval Airforce Base in Crows Landing.  The County is now developing the 1,528-acre site into a Industrial Business Park that “that will lead to strong year-over-year employment growth and the creation of up to 15,000 new locally based jobs.”

THERE IS NO RESIDENTIAL ELEMENT to the Crows Landing Project.  The project will rely on Commercial and Residential services from Patterson and Newman and will accelerate the population growth.

Read about it at the Business Park’s website at http://crowsbizpark.biz/



4.     Business Friendly City Government

stan mag 54 55
stan mag 56 57 with deb

Stanislaus Magazine recently spotlighted the City of Patterson’s BUSINESS FRIENDLY GOVERNMENT and Pro Business Mayor Novelli –  visit Stanislaus Magazine at http://onlinedigitaleditions.com/stanislaus/


5.     Patterson’s Trade AREA



The City of Patterson employed a consultant that conducted a demographic market analysis for the City including identifying Patterson’s Trade Area.  The Derrigo report (DDS) was last update in 2017.  The report examines drive times by consumers and describes the effective population of Patterson’s Trade area which (at the time of the 2017 Derrigo Report) indicated that Patterson’s Trade Area would surpass a population of 100,000 when the General Plan(s) are built out.  Keep in mind that the Northwest Annexation was not included in the report.

6.     Availability of Shovel Ready Land

Recently the large chucks of farmland by Interstate (Highway 5) were divided into smaller lots by use of a tentative map.  With infrastructure the planned lots will be considered to be SHOVEL READY.  This status allows FRANCHISEES with a dream to design and build their Brick and Mortar locations.

close o 5






One comment

  1. I would like to see a bicycle lane going to Patterson from the outer parts of Patterson like Wesley and Grayson and other small communities . Maybe more places to work out . I Love that Patterson is growing I hope to see more.


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