If you are wondering what is happening on the south side of Sperry Avenue you will find the answers here. This area previously known as the Bizzanelli Ranch is now Baldwin Ranch.

The 130 + Acre site now will host a mix of Residential and Commercial uses. The commercial aspect will join forces with the adjacent Hansen 18-acre parcel to create much needed commercial options for the growing City of Patterson. First of all, do not worry about traffic. The City of Patterson is installing turning lanes to create an easy flow of traffic. Also Truck traffic is being sequestered to the West and North side of Sperry Avenue to keep the Baldwin Ranch commercial area free of Big Rigs.

There are 2 Plaza areas to analyze:

West Ranch and East Ranch. With west being the left side of the Map and East being the right hand side.

In West Ranch Here is what is planned:

Grocery Store – 56,000 Square Feet

Retail 1

Retail 2

Retail 3

Retail 4

Restaurant 1 (QSR) QSR stands for ‘Quick Service Restaurant,’ which is an official term meaning ‘fast food’ establishment.

Restaurant 2

Here is whats planned for the East Ranch

Hardware Store – 22,136 Square Feet

Retail 1

Retail 2

Gas and/or Carwash

Restaurant (Sit Down) Did someone say Applebees?

What do you want to see in Patterson?