14.96 Acres on Poppy avenue ($1,530,000)

14.96 Acres

3 Parcels zoned in sphere of influence for Low Density Residential in Patterson’s 2010 General Plan. Check with Stanislaus County to see if your plan fits the guidelines. Possible Duplex with ADU. Water and Sewer potentially available with LAFCO approval.

The property is zoned Low Density Residential by the City of Patterson.

Low Density Residential (LR) Zoning District. This district is applied to areas of
the city where development is limited to low density concentrations of single family
dwellings. The zone implements the general plan’s Low Density Residential land use designation by allowing residential developments between 1.1 and 5.0 dwelling units per gross acre. The LR district is intended to stabilize and protect the residential characteristics of the district, to promote and encourage a suitable environment for family life, and to provide for detached
single-family dwellings and the services appurtenant thereto. This district includes two variations: Low Density Residential, narrow (LR-n) has the standard side yard setbacks of 5′-0″ and Low Density Residential, wide (LR-w) which has a minimum building separation of 15′-0.” The later district is intended to require increased separation between single family homes.

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