2.49 Acre Industrial Yard on First Street with access from Sperry Avenue in Patterson. This parcel has loading/unloading access to a UPRR Spur Track.

Located in California Opportunity Zone (Look Up Here)

Located in City of Patterson Industrial Zone (Code look up here)


City of Patterson Zoning Map Link

Heavy Industrial (HI) District. This district is consistent with the heavy industrial general plan land use designation by providing appropriate locations for intensive industrial uses that may generate noise, vibration, odor, or other conditions that make them undesirable and incompatible near or in conjunction with residential uses. A wide range of industrial manufacturing and warehousing uses are permitted in this district. The HI district is generally located in areas of the city where it would not create a substantial impact on sensitive residential, commercial, or office uses. Where feasible, development in the HI district may require additional measures to reduce impacts to neighboring properties such as increased setbacks, landscaping, and screening.

Parcel 131-005-011-000

Spur track is a stub track that diverges from main or other tracks which provides access to industrial or commercial areas. It usually dead ends within an industry area.

Located in the Opportunity Zone at the Intersection of Highway 33 and Sperry Avenue in Patterson,
Spur Track access from First Street and/or Sperry Avenue
Bird eye view looking west